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September 07, 2012

Low-Cost Carriers (LCC) are probably the next best thing ever invented for travelers next to walking shoes. And since I am Filipino, I’ve taken our local low-cost carrier, Cebu Pacific numerous times both local and international.

But Air Asia, said to be the best LCC in Asia ? I'd say----count me in!

In fact, I am so proud that I already have taken 2 routes from them. The very first route I took was Singapore – Bali- Singapore last year and this year, my friend JB and I took the Clark- Kota Kinabalu- Clark route!

JB and Moi had the seats all by ourselves... Lucky us!

Well, here are my top reasons why I had such an easy, breezy time with Air Asia:

  • On time flights (never had any delays so far)
  • Spacious aircraft
  • Comfy seats
  • Food selection was awesome (imagine getting to try Laksa Lemak) up in the air
  • Flight attendants’ command of the English language may not the best as the accent is quite different from Pinoys, (being their regional hub is based in Malaysia) but hey, they are very polite and attentive.
  • And oh, I adore their ladies with their super gorgeous eye makeup (okay, enough said)

May I just add that the Air Asia ladies up in the air are just the sweetest and I had to remind myself from staring at their super beautiful eye makeup which left me wondering if I can ever mimic their looks. 

I mean, they are just so intricately done and well put. I need some one-on-one session with these girls, lol..,r:8,s:0,i:98&tx=81&ty=70
Pretty makeup + pretty girls= Air Asia.  Life is unfair sometimes, lol.

Thank you Air Asia, we had a blast. Looking forward to more trips with you in the coming days!

Miss J

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