EVENT SPOTTING | You Are Invited to Pinoy Blogfest 3.0 on September 22, 2012

September 19, 2012

Hola everyone! How is your week going on so far? Well, I'm just excited to tell you all about a recent invitation I received from GADGETS Magazine!

They are holding the PINOY BLOGFEST 3.0—-Caught in the Web: Both Sides of the Digital Movement—at the Alpha Tents, Alphaland Southgate Tower in Makati City (MRT Magallanes Station 6th floor) on Saturday, SEPTEMBER 22, 2012

The program will start at 1:00pm.

Whether you're a tech geek, a music buff, a gamer, a fashionista, or just someone who wants to learn and discover new things, they have cooked up something special for all of us.

The afternoon program, which opens ar 12:00 noon is free and open to the public.

The series of activities starts out with a digital photography workshop courtesy of Canon Philippines. Also lined up to talk about internet piracy, its effects, and how online movements are bridging the gap between consumers and content-makers are Atty. Ann Edillon of Bengzon Negre Untalan (BNU) Intellectually Property Attorneys, Diego Mapa of OPM bands Pedicab and Tarsius and Mark Laccay from local creative funding platform Artiste Connect.

During the day, there will be discussions and social activities on the relationship of producers and consumers of online content and how Internet piracy affects both sides. Speakers from the music and visual arts industries will be there to discuss the effects of piracy on the producers and how certain online movements are trying to bridge the gap between producers and consumers of online content. They also have speakers to talk about the legal side of the issue.

Watch out for guest performances by Color it Red, Taken by Cars, Ciudad, and Downdraft. Check out their tech and lifestyle booths within the venue. You can participate in the activities they've lined up and you can win extra special prizes, too!

For more information on Pinoy Blogfest 3.0, please visit www.gadgetsmagazine.com.ph/pinoy_blogfest3.

See you all on Saturday!

Miss J

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