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September 18, 2012

I love perfumes! And in fact, I've been using one perfume since 2008 and I haven't changed it since then. 

But once in a while, I like to smell differently than the usual, so I try to use cologne or try another brand to take a breather. Perfumes don't come cheap, let's face it. And so nothing should really stop us from looking for something cheaper and worth our buck.

Back in my struggling early twenty-something corporate slave days, my usual savior is by a brand called Zen Zest. 

They sell these body sprays which are fruity and refreshing. I remember buying them for not more than a hundred pesos. Wow, those were the days!

And so, I picked up this neatly packaged bottle called Zen Zest Earth Perfume at the Robinson's Manila during one of my trips there.


Unforgettable fragrances that defines an intrinsic spirit, specially formulated for the cosmopolitan individual.

I've been using this perfume these past two weeks and it pretty works well with my body chemistry. It smells really good. I've been a fan of fruity scents, so this is a nice break from my usual scent since this doesn't smell fruity at all. A little musky and yet sophisticated smell for a working girl like moi:)

The scent lasts on me and when I spray it on my clothes (yes, bad habit, lol), people compliment me for smelling really awesome!

This perfume retails for Php270 in all Zen Zest stores. You can scout cheaper fragrances  and body care below Php 200 and  choose from their wide selection. 

You can check out the many Zen Zest products here or like their Facebook page here.

If you are looking for affordable scents, this product is worth your buck.

Miss J

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