How I Met my Fave Beauty Bloggers @ the BENETTON Let's Move Let's Love Fragrance Launch

September 28, 2012

Hola, hola! It's the weekend! Oh I am swamped really these days! And I noticed I've been *overeating (excuse my French to those who are on a diet!). I need to sleep more rather than munching, lol. 

Anyhow, previously, I told you about the Benetton event I've been to. For details click here.

When I started getting hooked on reading online beauty reviews, I had a list of my fave(s) Filipino beauty bloggers. They used to be ordinary girls just wanting to be "kikay" and share the love for makeup. But after few years, how they became super successful! These girls really are the ones I admire. 

And also, I hold these favorite beauty bloggers of mine responsible for breaking my wallet each time I read their posts, hahaha! I would often rush to the nearest department stores just to check out the product they've been talking about. And so when I saw most of them in the recent Benetton event, I could not contain my excitement! I must admit I got starstruck, hehehe.

Now, curious who are some of my fave beauty bloggers? Read on.

This lawyer-beauty blogger is nothing but beauty and brains. I was giggling the first time I saw her. She is soooo humble and we even walk together past the other road to take a cab. I hope to see her soon.

Ms. Jeng & Ms. Martha

It was the first time that I saw Ms. Martha and I said: "Oh wow, she is even prettier in person!" Ms. Jeng was so pretty and classy that night. Hers is also one of the very first few blogs I read back in the days. I first saw her in the Cosmetologie event this year!

Ms. Sophie
If you read my post back then, I've been wanting to say hello when I saw her in the Cosmetologie event this year with Ms. Jeng. But she was looking too serious that day and I got intimidated that I immediately ditched the plan of introducing myself as a fan. But the stars had been so aligned that day when I finally got the chance to say hello and mentioned how I was too shy to approach her back then. And oh she was very nice and I got very excited when she followed me on Twitter.

Ms. Shen 
She's one of the few bloggers I met during the early days of my blogging. I find her really nice and always smiling. Look how sexy she can be! I am loving her red skirt here!

The Benetton event also gave me the chance to make new friends and get introduced to some other bloggers in town!

Meet Kat:)
Meet Ayzee & Kat
Vinvin, Bec, Ayzee, Donna, Kat & Dior.
Dior, Ayzee, Kumi
The super gorgeous Ms. Dior. I She's a professional MUA and I've been a fan of her blog too!

And the event was highlighted with Zumba lessons from Studio 116!

And of course, we went home with these super cool loot from Benetton and Studio 116!

Thank you Benetton (especially to Ms. Grace and Ms. Ems) and Studio 116. I hope to get an invite in your next event, weeeee:)

Ms. Grace and Ms. Ems 

Miss J

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  1. Yay! It was nice meeting you too. :) See you again soon! Don't forget to follow Studio 116 on: and :)

    1. Weee, thank you Ms. Martha! I got so excited to see your comment! Very proud that you visited my blog. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Jolly!! Nice to meet you! That was one of the funnest events I've attended, and I'm sure it because of you girls. :)
    We should bond again soon! Thank you for sharing the photos. <3

    Can I post some of your photos on my blog? (with proper credits, of course):D

  3. Thanks for the post Jolly! I'm glad you had a great time, til the next event! :)

    1. Hello Ms. Grace-- same here we had fun. It was also nice meeting you and many thanks for inviting me in this Benetton event! See you soon (hopefully, hihihi!)!