TRAVEL SPOTTING | Bali, Indonesia

September 26, 2012

Author's Note: This entry is a repost from my older blog. Back then, there wasn't a direct flight to Bali from Manila until recently when Philippine Airlines (PAL) launched the route. As I chronicle my Bali trip last year, I realized one thing:  I THINK I FOUND MY FAVE SPOT FOR THE NEXT 12 MONTHS!


I am still in awe... Yes with Bali! Growing up in a tropical country similar to Bali, I didn't expect too much. 

Well except for the fact that the culture in Bali is much much more different than the Philippines.

First of all, there is no direct flight from Manila to Bali so I had to transit from Singapore as I booked my flight thinking my friend Helen will be in Singapura waiting for me. 

But turned out, she got pregnant after my SG trip and had to stay in Manila. But all is well since I am good in solo travelling and decided to keep my original itinerary of 3 days stay in Singapore before hopping on that plane to Bali via Air Asia.

Ryan- my friend was a day early in Bali. He transited from Kuala Lumpur and only saw each other on the night I flew in from Singapore!

So how is Bali? Ahhhh... Bali is love, love, love! I just can't wait to come back!

And so therefore, I am sharing you some of the wonderful photos taken by my friend Ryan (beautiful photos, indeed!)

Beautiful painting sold at Tanah Lot

The sunset, the beach, the people. Welcome to Bali!
Moi & Ryan in Bali, hihihi!

But then again, my trip would not be complete without the usual attempt to be a real Balinese girl so I finally gave in.

I really love this pic taken by Ryan. I look oh so girlie, weeeee:)
My usual getup is shorts and a top. And yes, even in Bali!

Miss J

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