FRAGRANCE SPOTTING | Benetton Let's Move and Let's Love Launch

September 23, 2012

What's the first thing which comes to your mind when you hear the international brand Benetton?

To me, it takes me back to high school. Back then, only the "coolest" girls can afford and wear them. In Bicol, where I am from, life was much simpler. We don't  have the usual "Benetton dose" as much as those teenagers from the big city.

But because I read a lot back then, I knew Benetton like a teenage dream more than Katy Perry does! 

And so, when I got invited to the Benetton Fragrances Let's Move & Let's Love Press/ Bloggers Launch few days ago, I didn't have to think twice! 

Now let's talk about these two fragrances as I shall be writing a separate post on what transpired to the Benetton event (read: meeting my fave bloggers was a bliss!):


The fragrance for modern and romantic women.

Designed for young women who still believe in romance, the fragrance is a floral accord inspired by the irresistible Passion Flower. The optimistic fruity accents of pineapple and bamboo blow away in the air like a sweet whisper of love; while jasmine and passion flower petals resonate as the promise of a fiery kiss. Its unique heart reveals a delicate yet magnetic temperament.

Gender: Woman
Available in 100ml, 40ml


The fragrance for athletic and self-confident men.

Designed for a dynamic man always on the move and who likes sport, the fragrance opens with an energetic citrus cocktail spiced up by black pepper.

A cocktail of aromatic notes on heart, refresh and invigorate the fragrance strengthened by the masculine character of cedarwood.
His trail, warmed by an amber and balsamic accord leaves an unforgettable signature, both delicate and sensual.

Gender: Man
Available in 100ml, 40ml

During the event, we had the chance to test these perfumes and my oh my, they are surprisingly good! The Let's Move perfume is perfect for your guy (oh well, if you have one, lol!) but if you don't have one... then FIND ONE, lol..

The Let's Love on the other hand was girlie girlie all the way and yet does not smell too overpowering. I personally like fruity scents but for a floral scent, this is a must try.

I really enjoyed this event and such a delight to see the top beauty and lifestyle bloggers in town! To Benetton especially to Ms. Ems and Ms. Grace, supah dupah grazie!

Are you excited to try these fragrances now? Check out Benetton here for more information!

Now everyone, Let's Move & Love!

Miss J

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