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September 27, 2012

Author's Note: Again, this is a repost from my older blog. I first traveled to Seoul in June 2010. I plan to travel again in Korea next year (2013).  And yeah, I got tickets already as early as now. This is it.



June 2010

And so I already crossed this plan out of my to-do list 2 months before my Korean visa expires. I was contented to just fill my minds with memories of what could have been. And pretty much I was getting too good at it that I almost believed the Seoul trip was over. But no- I was not prepared to be even surprised!

So in one hot summer day of June, I met someone who told me all about Seoul and the many things he likes to do while in Seoul. So I roamed around the pages of my mind and constantly telling myself- I gotta gotta experience Seoul real time! And I meant it like there's no tomorrow!

I had only a week before my visa expires. So I ended up checking 5J's (Cebu Pacific)  flight and was so disappointed I had to shell out about 17K for the ticket alone. Gosh- not cheap eh?

But what the heck. I am always good in not planning that much--- errr.... even not planning at all (this habit I am trying, really trying to change. I need to be less spontaneous, you know!)

So in the afternoon 7 days before my flight, I found myself clicking that "Confirm" button and in an instant I was 17K in Philippine Pesos poorer...:(

But my heart was happy. I have always liked Seoul. What a wonderful plan to come and visit this place in nothing but my passport, contacts, laptop and guts.

In a surprising twist- I had to take the subway more than I could even remember. In Beijing, I remembered trying the subway only for about 2- 3 times and I gave up. But this time, I was even more excited to try this thing they call "metro". 

So on the night I set foot in Seoul, just before Saturday midnight strikes, I was trying to dissect Seoul's subway and was scared that I had to cut my train trip few stops as some of the stations are closed already. But no problem, the taxis are way way better than those in Beijing or in Taipei. They have GPS!!!!! What a wonderful thing it was!

The next day, I braved the Seoul City Tour bus and found it the cheapest and most efficient way to get a feel of the city. Imagine about 68 stops (I hope I am right) but doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

Here are the pics taken in Seoul and the craziness I've been to:

Seoul's exciting skyline
Korean BBQ.... weeeeee:)

Welcome to the biggest dollhouse in the land! Etude House!

And finally.... my Korean haul (Yihaaaaa!)....

In summary, my Seoul searching was a blast:

- Seeing Joeff (we used to work 5- 6 yrs ago I think) made me very happy.

- Sampling streetfood (and came back alive!), Hahahaa.. Okay, but that was sooooo yummy!

- I went crazy seeing all those hauls I can take home to Manila--- waaaaah:P

- Getting lost in a busy Seoul street and yet finding my way back (awesome, good job!)

- Meeting some friends from Seoul and amazing subway trip to Gangnam.

- My first Soju experience. Read here!

- And that I will forever be thinking about this Seoul trip even when I am sixty.

Grazie, Seoul.. See you, real soon!

Miss J

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