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September 16, 2012

As they say, your bag says a lot about you! And in fashion, its still holds true I guess! You must have remembered my last Vedasto purchase here.

And so I didn't think twice in getting another one. The good is that this brand is from the Philippines and what a nice way to support our local producers, right? If you are ready to spend 3-4K for the usual brands, then why not try spending it for a local bag producer to encourage them to produce some more?

I really like this bag. It's sooooo roomy, I can fit almost anything in it. And it's so classy and just right. What a nice way to add class in your everyday outfit.

You can find Vedasto stores in Market Market and in Robinson's Manila (so far, these are the places I know where they sell these bags). I also get to see them on different bazaars, so just look for them when you happen to be in one bazaar trip.

How to sport this bag? Look here

I also found their website here but I don't think this site is updated though:)

And may you find the best leather which works for you:)

Miss J

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