September 05, 2012

Author's Note: 

This post is a reprint from my older travel blog. I have not done much traveling this year so I figured it would be nice to repost some of my travel diaries here and share my usual travel experiences and more often than not, funny anecdotes as a solo traveler.

I first traveled in Shanghai (PVG) in November 2010. And from Shanghai, I flew to Beijing (PEK) after 3 days. I stayed in a small hotel with no windows (I didn't know then that not all rooms have windows)

Personally, I don't think I am going to take a room again without a window because after more than 24 hours, I was feeling sea sick, lol.


Hola everyone! I am in Shanghai! Welcome to China!
Here's how my hotel looked like in Shanghai. Small. But Sweet. When it was freezing outside- there I was, watching TV wearing short shorts hehehehe!

But then again, I saved the best for last. Those funny English translations from Chinese are indeed hilarious.

Welcome again to China! 

Miss J

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