The 2012 Party Poker World Cup of Pool Experience

September 11, 2012

I am never good at sports, believe me. But so far, I have some few favorite sports to date such as running (or walking), swimming and *shopping (but wait.. is that even considered a sport?)

Well, in 2010 I happen to meet someone who introduced me to another sport- BILLIARDS!

It was also during that time that I got introduced to a number of excellent players in the world from  Filipino excellent players Efren "Bata" Reyes, Dennis Orcollo to other international billiard superstars such as Souquet, Immonen, & Appleton. 

But wait, I only tried to play billiard once in my entire life and what can you expect ? Of course I sucked, lol.

But since the 2012  Party Poker World Cup of Pool is held in Manila every year (this time in Robinson's Manila) , I've decided it's time for me to understand the game better and watched the final game between Team Finland (Mika Immonen / Petri Makkonen) and Team Poland (Karol Skowerski & Wojciech Szewcyk). 

Yes, feel ko lang mag level up,hehehe. 

This year, there were 31 countries which participated all over the world. Cool noh?

Team Poland (Karol Skowerski & Wojciech Szewcyk). 

Team Finland (Mika Immonen / Petri Makkonen) 

It was a very close fight, wherein Team Poland was always leading by a point or two but Team Finland always catches up bringing the score even. But when Team Poland missed an important shot, suddenly the tables were turned. Eventually, Team Finland won the game, 10-8.

Team Finland celebrates after winning the 2012 Party Poker World Cup of Pool title.

To be honest, I really want the Polish guys win that night. I mean, they seemed to be very humble and cool all through out the game. And Wojciech looks really young, perhaps still in his teens, hehehe.

Overall, it was a fun experience. The Php 100 entrance was definitely worth it. I got to see the billiard legends face to face. I was too close on getting Team Poland's autograph but then I was too shy to approach them. Perhaps maybe next year, when my bodyguard is around to assist me, hehehe.

Congratulations Team Finland ($60,000)! And to Team Poland ($30,000), you may have not won the trophy that night but hey, you won my heart (naks, kakaumay, lol!)

Miss J

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