January 08, 2012

Winter? Seriously? Come on?!!

Hey- I love winter! We don't have it here in good old sunny/ rainy Manila! So if you ask me if I own lots of winter clothes, the answer is I've got few. I only get to wear them whenever I go to Beijing during winter. I am   getting some images in my mind spotting my winter clothes in Seoul but just too bad, I had to cancel my trip last year and instead went to China.

I love to dress up in the winter because I feel very christmas(sy). Because it's hot and humid in Manila, I enjoy ladies rocking the winter outfits. From the booties to the shawl to the gloves, I just love, love it! One more thing- because I don't like to sweat thus I am fascinated with the cold weather. I must admit though that yeah- it makes our skin dry and flaky but let me think about it some other time haha.

Here are some of my winter photos from my travels:

What about you? Did you ever like dressing up during winter? I hope you do.


Miss J

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