January 10, 2012

1930's style (Photo from: http://artdecoblog.blogspot.com/2006/10/german-fashion-magazine-1930.html)

I just love the old style! I am fascinated with a nice skirt, or a shirt, or a dress or even a nice accessory. I love to dress up but like I told you, I always end up not knowing what to wear each morning, lol.

I like vintage clothes a lot though I don't think I can rock the vintage style 100% of the time. But I wished I lived in the 1920- 1940's era as I like the style on women during these period. I always wondered how am I gonna dress up if I actually lived back then. I could just imagine my mom will kill me for wearing red lippie each day, hihihihi!

1940's style (Photo from: http://www.reallusion.com/contentstore/ccdproduct.aspx?ccdpid=20090212005401234&MenuItem=ic_avatar&Type=G2%20Texture)

Anyways, in most Sundays of my life, JB (one of my BFF's) and I would often spend it together. Click here if you wanna see how gorgeous she is!!!!

And as usual, we know the drill:

  • Chika
  • Movie
  • Dinner
  • Shop
  • Outback Restaurant (for her usual Sat beer night)
  • Then home sweet home

JB and I used to work for this international bank but now no more, hehehe. We missed Marcy (another BFF) as he opted to go to Rockwell.

And so because I like to dress up once in a while, let me share my Outfit-of- the-day  (OoTD) last Sunday:

Top: Bazaar
Leopard Jacket: Bazaar
Shorts: Abercrombie
Wedge: Skechers
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Bag: Venezia
The rain was messing up the Sunday mood. And so after the movie we bid each other goodbye. See you soon, Madam JB:)

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