January 14, 2012

Salve a tutti!

Oh how I love Italy! The truth is, it is my dream destination and hopefully I would be able to visit it soon! I absolutely adore the Italian language, I even went to an Italian language class sometime in 2009 for 6 mos! I still remember some but oh no, you have to forgive me for my very bad Italian these days! I need more practice and I think I need a gorgeous Italian tutor soon! Haha!

I like Italian food too much. I've been lucky to know a real Italian who slowly introduced me to a number of Italian dishes and since then, I can't stop eating Italian, lol. I was telling my friend Ryan that I used to like pizza but now no more. But I still love pasta haha!

Anyways, I am here to talk about our recent visit to an Italian place called "La Piadina".

La Piadina
2/F Glorietta 4 East Drive Ayala Center Makati City
Telephone Number: (02)5013788

I always pass by this place whenever I am in Glorietta so one day, Ryan and I decided we need some Italian lovin'. The place was not crowded on a Thursday and it was well maintained. The lady who welcomed us was very helpful and she made sure we were comfy. We planned on having pizza and a pasta, and so we did.

The lady was even extra nice to give us some free weight-loss product samples (baka she thought I needed some, hahaha) and offered us some more! She was very generous and pleasant- I so liked her:)

The food was yummy! The Margherita pizza (Php 240.00)  was superb! I like basic pizza such as this one and I loved it. Though the pasta (Php 250.00) was a bit pricey for me but it was worth it. And mind you, they don't put some service charge on your bill (super wow!).

All smiles. Happy. Burp. 

Till my next adventure! Baci! Ciao!

Miss J

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