REVISITED | VMV Essence Skin-Saving Superwash Hair + Body Milk Shampoo

January 07, 2012

Okay- now that you know my skin story, please allow me to tell you about my hair story too:
  • Used to be brown black & straight
  • Colored (lots of times- I am pretty much adventurous in terms of hair color)
  • Permed (twice)
  • Lacks volume

I had my first perm in 2010 because I simply wanted some change. So I had my very first perm from Beauty Brick Salon (click here for more info). I instantly loved the change. I grew up having thin and flat hair so I am loving the volume. But a perm + color can seriously damage one's hair especially if you have like me, a very brittle hair.

I sported the look even much to the extent of getting a second perm last year. Because I was not kind to my hair, it got severely damaged that sometime last year, all I ever did was to sport a bun most of the time. 

And then a ray of light came.

Php 780+ but got this 50% off the tag

VMV site says (click here):

  • Rich, non-pore-clogging hydrators ensure a non-drying, soothing moisture bath.
  • A clarifying shampoo to thoroughly but lovingly rid hair of dirt and build up. Keeps hair strong, shiny and healthy.
  • Very gentle body cleansing, too.
  • Refreshingly mild cleansing for active people who shower frequently, who need extra care in the bath, or who have acne, rashes or hyperpigmentation on the forehead, cheeks, neck, scalp, back or body.
  • Prevents and helps clear acne and rashes on face, neck, shoulders, arms and back.
  • Washes off completely, leaving no harmful residue.

Validated Hypoallergenic:
VH -73/76*. 100% All-Types-Of-Fragrance-Free. 100% Dye-Phthalate-Paraben + Preservative-Free. Non-Comedogenic, Non-Drying. All Skin Types. Usage + Patch-Tested. For Men, Women, Children, ages 2+. 

Me Says:

  • My HG shampoo! It deep-cleansed my hair to a T.
  • It made my hair super soft and clean.
  • My hair is colored so I noticed that the color didn't fade away easily after using this everyday.
  • I love the mild coconut scent, it's not overpowering, subtle yet smells clean
  • I can skip the conditioner in some days.
  • I also use this as a face & body wash 
  • Comes in a huge 500 ml bottle
  • And I can use it everyday (no miss!)
What I don't like:
  • Nothing!      

My Verdict
  • 5 Lipsticks  (√)

Thank you VMV! Have a happy shower! Ciao!

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