January 13, 2012

Aside from the bandage thingy  which I really really like, I am also crazy about "Maxi Dresses" these days. I maybe the last person on earth to like this but I have no regrets. Before we call the "Maxi" a blast from the past, at least I fell in love with it:)

Now what is a maxi dress? A maxi dress is an informal or formal lengthy dress worn by women. Maxi dresses have hundreds of different designs, some for older ladies, and some are fashionable for the younger teenagers or young women. They can come in tartan, stripes, polka dots, floral patterns, and solid colours.

I am not a fashion guru and I just happen to like fashion but let me share to you some tips on how to pull off this great invention called "maxi" no matter what size you're in which I have gathered:

  • A maxi dress can really swamp you up and make you look shorter and chunky, but the trick here is to choose a style that is well-cut - that means choose a full-length dress that sits more closely to your body
  • To avoid looking like a tent, your petite shape needs a more structured dress, so try a maxi dress with a defined waist like for example empire waist, and if you need to minimize your tummy or the preggy look of an empire waist, wrap a basic belt around the thinnest part of your waist. The best hemline dress cuts for your frame are: Straight, A-line and bias-cut
  • Elongate your figure with a v-neck
  • For some extra height, wear pumps, wedges or high heeled sandals
  • Look for maxi dresses in solid colors, especially black, olive green, deep purple and dark brown. You can also wear light colors but it still has to be a solid to 'draw' a straight line on your frame. Avoid horizontal and large patterns.
Nicole Richie

  • Long dresses are the perfect match for your frame as it minimizes large hips and legs
  • If you have a wide or big bust, halter style or thicker straps will look flattering on you. Note: Thinner spaghetti straps will only make your upper part larger because of the contrasting proportions.
  • Medium to large prints will complement your figure a lot better than tiny ones, but solid, and neutral dark colors like black, dark brown and olive green are preferable to help slim down your shape. Note: If you have a thick waist, place a solid dark colored belt around the thinnest part of your torso. This will give you a more balanced and lean frame as well as bring out a waist.
  • Create a lean vertical line on your shape with v-neck.
  • Loose-fitted maxi dresses will only make you look boxy, so choose a dress that fits closely to your body without being to clingy, skimming your curves.

Kim Kardashian

And so when I started revolutionizing my own version of the "Maxi", I wanted to appear as fierce as possible hahaha. And so I opted to try this:

Leopard Dress: Trevise (Glorietta 5)
Cardigan: Mental
Bag: Charles & Keith
Sandals: Lilian
Watch: Kenneth Cole

Raaawwwwrrrrr (with matching hand gestures)!!!  Hehehehe! 

Remember ladies, you can always find the right maxi dress for you no matter what size you're in. Ciao!

Miss J

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