January 10, 2012

The natural thick eyebrow that were spotted on every runway this year is still huge and it will last for spring 2012 too. So ladies, you can still keep your  tweezers and start growing out your brows.

To achieve a look that is both bold and natural, all you need to do is fill in you eyebrows with a eyebrow pencil or a eyebrow shadow with an angled brush. This should preferably be two or three shades lighter than your brow. You can opt to start at the inside of your eyebrow and sweep the product outward in the same direction as hair growth. Then after your brows are filled in, set them with a brow gel to keep heavy brows in place. You may opt to use scissors or tweezers should you sport such bushy brows:)

According to some celebrity MUAs, over tweezed eyebrows make you look like you have a ‘fuller face’ (ie. fatter) and should therefore be avoided. Thin eyebrows almost certainly make you look older and instantly more haggard.

Sometime ago, a friend asked me why I don't like to shave (read: fix) my clients' brow that much. I told him I don't like thin brows and I like them to be thick but natural looking as possible. Another reason why some ladies are scared to shave them is because most people are naturally afraid of change.

When I am working on a client, as much as possible, I'd like to start slowly and always give her the mirror to check whether she's liking what she's seeing. The last thing I want to deal with after each MUA gig is an unhappy client. So when I ask the client if she's okay for me to fix her brows, and she says, "No", then I respect her wishes and instead try to encourage her if I can fix it not by shaving but by putting on some powder or liner for a quick fix.

And of course let me share my attempts in fixing my brows, lol.

Okay- I know what you're thinking! I looked like a good girl gone bad hahahaha! I shall behave then, I promise:)

Remember ladies, don't overpluck! Unless you are Pam Anderson, please don't.

Miss J

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