January 12, 2012

To stock... Yes- I spelled it with an "O" instead of the "U" because I am not only stuck on bandage dresses (yeah I am late bloomer, lol) but I also want to stock lots of these bandage dresses like there's no tomorrow haha!

Herve Leger pioneered the creation of a bandage" or "body-con (body-conscious)" dress, using materials traditionally associated with foundation garments to create dresses that would mold and shape the wearer's figure with its signature bandage-like strips. See photos below.

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The first time I saw these bandage dresses last year I was obsessing on it for months. A full figured girl like me wanted this dress too much I didn't care anymore if I would look fat or what. What the heck! If I can afford one, then it's enough reason hahaha!

I had my first bandage skirt last year and I instantly loved it. I love wearing it and surprisingly it was very comfortable as I realized this thingy would mold into whatever shape you are! Just fantastic!

And now finally, I had a pic of myself wearing a bandage dress! Sorry I had to crop my face in some photos because I looked like a mess hehehe!


Dress: Tomato
Shoes: Alberto

Now who says it's never fun to be on a bandage???!!? I'd say give me some more:)

Miss J

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