January 17, 2012

News Flash!! I am not going to revisit any product today. Instead, I will share to you my current last song syndrome (LSS).

And hey guys, don't be fooled by my post title. You probably heard your mom telling you before: "Never talk to strangers."

Well, I was told the same way too. But all that has changed since I found out about this rising band!

Ang cute naman nila dito, mukha silang mga boys next door, hihihi:)

Meet the Members of Never the Strangers

ACE Libre—lead vocals and keyboards, PJ LaViña—drums and percussion, FRANCIS Victa—bassist and JP del Mundo—guitars.

Never the Strangers, after all, as the band members explained their name, comes from their love for music, how it is a common thread that brings people—even strangers—together. This unabashed idealism shows the age of its members, who are all still in college at Ateneo de Manila University.

Never the Strangers is a band formerly known as Leonecast—the band Ace and JP carried over from high school to college. When they realized that they are already a different band from when they had started—half of the members are new, even the band’s sound has evolved—they decided to change the name to Never the Strangers.

I heard they were discovered by Rico Blanco:)

Believe me when I say that their song "Alive" (click here for their youtube video) is my current LSS for more than a week now! I first heard about this from MYX (a music video local channel) and just like it- before I go to bed and when I wake up, it was like glued into my head and I can't stop humming it wherever I am!

So the other day, I just tweeted something like :  "Current LSS: Alive by Never the Strangers". 

Imagine my surprise when a user gave me their twitter ID and asked me to follow them. When I came back to check the person who suggested me to follow them, the DP (display picture) looks like the the lead singer of Never the Strangers so I asked if it was him and the response I got was this:

Oh my , oh my! ♥ He even "favorited" some of my tweets and retweeted some of them! Sweet:♥☺♥☺♥☺

I just can't believe it! I super ♥♥♥ this band! You have to see them to get what I am talking about! I hope to see them face to face soon:)

And just to show you how he looks kinda Kpop (IMHO, haha)  and yet sings rock, here is a pic I happen to grab online: 

So please, please take time to vote for them in MYX (click here) so they can be number one soon! I swear I am going to get a copy of their album which I heard is coming out soon! I've been telling my girlfriends about this band and they think I am crazy or what for acting like a teenager! But they do agree that the group sounds very good.

I know what you're thinking now. Okay- yes, I feel like it's high school all over again~! ♥♥♥

What the hell ☺☺☺. Hahahaha!


Miss J

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