January 08, 2012

Don't you just love anything Japanese on earth? Because I do. I love those girls from Shibuya (click here). There is something so colorful and vibrant which makes me happy just seeing them. And the Japanese fashion is one thing I really fancy and I wished I can rock it one day!

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One morning after work, JRNunez and yours truly decided it's time for some noodle experience. I was craving for Kowloon siopao (aka steamed buns) but he said he was just too lazy to be at Park Square so we settled for this small yet homey nook in Glorietta 4.

2nd Level, Glorietta 4

The result?!?!?

I used to buy yummy pandesals here long time ago but I don't think I ever tried to sit and have a meal here. It is a small Japanese place with a twist I guess. See the pasta menu in the above pic?

We saw some Japanese older ladies actually checking these pastries. They looked so pretty even that I wonder what these Jap ladies are made of hehe. Must be the genes I guess.

Overall, the noodle soup made me Php 200 poorer and I wasn't happy, hehehe. I wanted some siopao and I was too unhappy I didn't get what I wanted. But obviously JRNunez enjoyed the meal.

I would love to come back and try something else in the menu. In the meantime, I need some siopao! I shall get it first thing tomorrow!

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Ciao Gorgeous!! See you soon!

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