REVISITED | Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder Review

October 20, 2012

While preparing for work, I am amazed that now, I can only survive with very few products in my makeup kit. You see, while I was starting to learn how to put makeup on to myself, I was always trying to execute everything I want to learn all at the same time. It was good at the some point as it was my way to put my knowledge to test but bad for my schedule because I would often be few minutes late for work, lol.

To give you a glimpse on how my makeup routine goes, let me give you an idea:

- Tinted Moisturizer/ BB Cream
- Concealer
- Set with a colorless powder
- Fix my brows
- Eyeliner (Optional)
- Curl my lashes and then mascara
- Blush
- Balm Stain

As you know, I get pretty lucky when I use little or minimal makeup in my combination to oily skin. So now, I’d like to tell you about some colorless powder I’ve been using to set my makeup. 

Meet Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder.

This powder is somewhat similar to other white/ colorless powders such as the ELF HD powder which I reviewed here.

This powder is white (well it says, colorless) and believed to be a good product to absorb oil and set your makeup beautifully. It's very finely milled and in my opinion absorbs oil better than any other powder I've used. I think Ben Nye have this in about 5 different shades. I purchased this from StyleQuarter for Php490.00

Me Says:

No white cast in photos. I noticed that this powder registers on camera very nicely. 
Sets my liquid foundation very well. This powder disappears and blends into my skin in few seconds upon application 
Controls oil. I am a heavy user of blotting sheets. My blotting moments have been reduced so far. 
Value for money. I think this is a good buy considering you don’t really need tons of it to set your foundation.
- Not chalky. I repeat, no, not even chalky. 


- Not available locally. Visit Multiply or StyleQuarter 
- Packaging is so old schooled. No sponge, just a small opening and you may need another container with sifter for easier application. 

Overall Verdict:

4.5 Lipsticks

I only heard about Ben Nye from my fave beauty bloggers so getting this one was like a challenge as I had to look for it relentlessly. Thanks to StyleQuarter, I now own some Ben Nye products. A lot of foreign makeup artists used this as well as those who are working in theater such as actors, dancers and the like.

I think it would take a lot of time to finish this product. I have been complimented these days when I use less makeup. Well the only reason why I can’t wear too much is because my skin gets some silly reaction whenever I use a lot of products in my face.

If only I can wear a full makeup on everyday of my life just like those girls from the 50’s, lol. I mean don't get me wrong. I like the simple, everyday makeup look and I understand most guys dig this look (heheehe) , but can’t blame me for being such a fan of the old style, vintage look on women. I mean they are just so exceptionally beautiful noh?

Buy Again: Yes, yes, yes!

Miss J

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  1. Hi! Great post! I’m thinking about purchasing one, but don’t know whether to get the neutral set or ben nye in banana. Help! The perfect shade of foundation for my skin tone is Guerlain Parure Extreme in Beige Pale. Etude house bright fit bb cream in Light beige works well on me too. I have to get this powder asap! I’m afraid banana might be too yellow on me and the colorless neutral set might leave me looking ghostly. TIA!

    1. Hello Happyheizel,

      I have not tried the Ben Nye Banana but I read very good reviews about it. The neutral set does not look ghostly on me, it blends well after. Don't worry if in the beginning it looks weird because after few minutes, it shall blend beautifully.