MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHY @ JMT Creative Photography Studio

October 03, 2012

"No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love."
- Edwin H. Chapin


During the weekend, I had the chance to be a MUA in my second try at maternity photography. The very first maternity photo shoot I had was last year which I blogged here.

I love maternity photo shoots because I think a woman is at her most beautiful when she carries a life inside her:)

I was recently introduced to a very talented photographer named, JV by a common friend a day before the actual shoot and was asked to be their MUA. Of course I said, yes!

On the day of the action, I was however 30 minutes late in the studio because of my regular office job (boooo)

Anyhow, JV and clients, Chris and Mika were already waiting for me when I arrived. And so the action began! 

I have not taken photos of the studio because I did Mika's makeup right away then Chris' but the place was pretty decent and better from the last shoot I had.

So here are the photos from the shoot:

Photography: JV Libunao
Hair & MUA: Miss J
LocationJMT Creative Photography Studio, Makati

This is such a cute set! So hilarious!

So, that's it. Overall, I enjoyed this weekend job. I am pretty impressed by JV's skills so hopefully we get to work in future shoots (who knows, lol).

Till our next shoot!

Miss J

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