MAKEUP TIP | How to Keep Makeup Intact for Sweaty Face

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Sometimes I wonder why I like makeup. You see, aside from the fact that I have combination to oily skin, I think my face sweats more than an average person does. 

And so for many years, I did a number of experiments and it was only recently that I was able to understand the right makeup for my skin type.

Here are some makeup tips for sweaty face:

 *Use minimal makeup/ products*

While starting to love makeup, I thought the more products I use, then "the more chances of winning" against my oil glands.

But I realized later on that putting on more products somehow "confused" my skin and instead produced more oil than usual. I personally just use a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream and then set it with a translucent powder to keep it matte. Using a lightweight makeup prevents sweat from running down on my face. 

*Stay hydrated*

When we lack water/ liquid intake, it will for sure show in our skin. No amount of makeup can hide it.


 Even oily skin needs moisture. So don't skip this before putting on your makeup.

*Switch to oil-free products*

While it's true that even oily skin needs hydration, I prefer to use oil-fee makeup products as I notice that the oil in these products can give me an orangey face. Not convinced? Click here to read my related post. 

*Try makeup primer(s)*

Primers are great to create barrier between our skin and makeup. They keep your makeup well put and intact for a number of hours.

*Keep your cool at all times*

 No amount of makeup can last if you are constantly worried with almost anything. Being conscious sends signals to our nervous system which in turn makes us sweat more.

I believe that the best way to keep our makeup looking nice is to have a positive and relaxed attitude in any given situation. 

The way we handle ourselves with the right attitude keeps us relaxed which prevents us from sweating more. 

And remember that the less sweat we have, then the less chances of ruining a great makeup.

Miss J

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