REVISITED | K Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer in 03 Review

October 23, 2012

I never saw the need to use concealer(s) before. Well, that’s because I generally have moderately clear skin except for some zits usually caused by my monthly visitor. Other than that, my skin I think  is okay.

Then came the night shift duties….. My oh my, all hell broke loose, lol.. Just few years working in the night shift gave me some excess baggage(s) which are very hard to deal with--- EYE BAGS!

And so I started using concealer targeting my under eyes as they have now became very prominent. Usually cream type concealers would work for me but hey you, I’ve finally found the best concealer for me to date.

 It’s the K Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer in 03.

You might have remembered I spoke as if with finality that I think I may have found the right one hereThis product comes in three (3) shades namely:  01 Natural Beige, 02 Yellow Beige, 03 Orange Beige.

I chose 03 as the it is supposed to counter the blue/green eye circles. And yes, this is the only color available when I went to buy it at Beauty Bar, Greenbelt 5 in Makati.

Me Says:

Extremely opaque
The non-transparent consistency is perfect to camouflage your most kept “dark secrets”

Spreads nicely
I always user primer when I put my makeup on but in few times that I didn’t, this product still spreads very consistently

Convenient packaging
 The slanted tip, sturdy and transparent tube are excellent for me as I would know how much product is left and I can control the amount in every application

Staying power
Oh I love this. It stays on me for 8hrs or more and I am not kidding. You do know my skin story, right? So this is like a ray of sunshine whenever I use it.

Dot it. 
Yeah, you don’t need a lot to cover your blemishes or eyebags. In fact, as with all products out there, the more amount of product you use, you are putting yourself into the possibility that it may cake on you.


The price
I understand not everyone can afford this. This retails for Php 895.00

Overall Verdict:

5 Lipsticks

Notice how opaque this product is?

Yeah, I hear you saying that this is quite pricey. But consider this: If this means that you can go out minus your excess eye baggage(s) everyday using a small amount of product, then why not.

I ditched all my concealers after buying this not because I realized the rest are crap. I mean, they have worked for me in the past but this one has exceeded my expectations and so I plan to give my other concealers to my sisters and use this product instead everyday.

Its price does not bother me as I know the tube can last me a looong time. Believe me, since I bought mine about 3 weeks ago, I hardly even notice the tube slowly running out. If you are looking for something to love this month and hopefully the next years to come, you need to get hold of this. Because if you don’t, you’ll definitely miss a great product big time.

Buy Again: Yes, yes, yes!

Miss J

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  1. Oh my! I've been wanting to purchase all 3 shades ever since it came out in the market. Unfortunately, they only sell shade #1 here in Cebu. Your review made me want it more! Good job!

  2. Thank you Angeli. I think the 01 shade suits most women out there. Hopefully it works for you too!