REVISITED | Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Shine Free Powder Foundation SPF20

October 03, 2012

When I remember my days as a struggling early twenty-something corporate slave, one of the brands I was fond of was Maybelline. They sell reasonably priced powder, mascara, eyeliner and the like.

Well you have heard it a countless times that a woman must invest into a good and reliable foundation (be it powder or liquid) so she can conquer the world! 

But I am writing this post for all girls out there who are still on a budget and yet looking for a foundation which worked for me in the past and even now. 

I am talking about the Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Shine Free Powder Foundation SPF20.

Okay- you might have just started working and your paycheck may not be that much but look, that isn’t an excuse to be well put, right?

Okay, now on to the review!

Me Says:

- Oil Control Properties. I have oily skin (I mentioned that many times in my blog, I am starting to be ashamed, lol) but this powder controlled my oilies pretty much for more than 6 hrs. And that my friends is MIRACLE.

- SPF 20. I usually use a separate sunscreen before I put on my makeup but in lazy days or when I am in a hurry, I can simply skip my SPF and put this on.

- No Pore Clogging Ingredients. No breakouts. No pimples. Enough Said.

- Medium to Full Coverage. The coverage is pretty buildable.

- Does not Cake on Me. Remember the oil and my face? It saves my day.

- Inexpensive. This retails for Php 250 ($5).


- Oh the sponge! Better throw it away. I use a huge powder brush to apply this.

- Finding a shade that exactly matches you is tough. I am using the shade, Honey. Good thing it matches me alright.

Overall Verdict:

4.5 Lipsticks

If you are on a budget and cannot afford to shell out that much on a reliable compact powder foundie, then this is for you. I used this long time ago and just started using it again for everyday use. I realized the more expensive ones can stay in my stash to be used for more important occasions. So far, the most expensive powders I tried are from Youngblood.

I use this powder to set my liquid foundation and it gives me a nice coverage and a plus for its SPF and oil-control properties. Kudos to Maybelline for coming up with a product which does not break our wallets and yet delivers. 

I like this powder better than their All-in-one cake powder because its packaging breaks so easily and can be messy. This one however, remains in the compact, and I can hit the pan in no time.

Buy Again: Yes, yes, yes!

Miss J

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  1. I need to try this! I've never tried any powders from Maybelline before. I'm currently using the Ever Bilena powder foundation and it's not really working for me. I'm oil-free but in 1 hour or sometimes not even, I oil up and it ain't pretty. If you say it's good I mean for 6 hours? That's gotta be amazing. And I've heard so many good things about this powder, might as well try it :)


    1. Maybelline is a great drugstore option if you are on the lookout of not too pricey things. I love their mascaras.