Why Being Good to People Still Matters

October 17, 2012


"Why bother being good?"

The day I asked this was the day I decided I will do better in being good to people. 

You see, life is not that fair. Even when we are nice, there are people out there who would constantly critic us beyond the reasonable criteria as possible. There is a "bad" character in all of us no matter how we try to be good. But the question is how much of this bad character make us.

When we were kids, we were taught about the value of honesty. We know that kids are supposed to tell the truth and never cheat. It is with this premise that I grew up thinking no matter how awful reality sounds, we must deal with it. I had been tempted in many occasions not to say the truth but I feel guilty every time I think about it.

Integrity is important in one's character. I remember a famous writer defining character as the person you are when no one's looking. How are you when the lights are off, or when the camera isn't rolling? How much of your inner self is so immense in pretensions that you have forgotten to look into your inner core? How much of your lies have become truth and how much got you confused?

Yes there are few bad people out there. But here's my take why being good still matters:

Doing good makes you feel good.
Positive energy attracts positive energy. It never fails.

You earn people's respect.
Respect as you know is something that you earn. If you thrive on lies and dishonesty, people will never give you back any form of respect

You exhibit honesty as the highest form of your being.
If you are someone whom people look up to you, you are sending them the message that you are a person with unbiased judgment whatever situation it may be.

Helping other people realize how odd their behavior is.
When people with questionable character is treated with something good, they feel embarrassed in the end. They might act as if they are unaffected but deep inside, guilt is killing them.

Showing some love is universal. 
The love we give to other people in any form is a universal language that we all speak. Love is good. Therefore there is good in love.

We all get this: We do good and then later on, you feel not getting the same in the end. While few bad people continue to be bad, you start asking why it does still matter to be good.

The answer is simple, my friend. Because doing good sends LOVE. It creates a positive outlook for all of us even to those who may have hurt you. 

And yes, you may be hurt, broken or crushed when people treat you bad but when they do, you just have to keep this in mind: 

" Bad people need someone to feel worst than they are. They would need to feed on your weakness so they may feel stronger. But the truth is, there is no one more hurt, more broken or more crushed than the person who is hurting you."

So next time you meet people of this kind, remember only three things: 

- Relax
-Redo (your actions). 

And don't forget to close your eyes if your patience snaps! It might just help you to forget a little and remember the tips above!

Miss J

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