MAKEUP TIP | How to Prevent Your Foundation from Turning Orange

October 17, 2012

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Picking the right foundation that matches your skin can be tricky. Personally, I had to wear a foundation and deal with an orange face soon after. So over time, I tried to understand the reason why.

So you ask yourself: "Why does my foundation turns orange on me?"

When a foundation oxidizes, it turns orange, or one or two shades darker, on your skin. The oils on your skin or those present in the product can affect the pigments of the foundation. In my experience, oilier skin are more prone to experience a change in the color of their foundation.

There are several ways to prevent an orange face. Here are some:
  • Pick the right foundation shade. I for one has more yellow undertones than pinks but in my effort to experiment, I end up buying a foundation which has more pink undertones than yellows. The result is an uneven, orangey face. Ewwwww.
  • Use oil free foundation. Oil free foundations are your best bet for a more polished look minus the dreaded oxidation.
  • Use a primer. A primer creates a barrier between your skin and makeup creating a smoother makeup base during application. This will also ensure your makeup stays put longer.
  • Opt for a tinted moisturizer. I realized that the more products I used in my face, the more cakey and orangey my makeup can become. Tinted moisturizers are great to show more skin rather than covering them up. However, not all is blessed with a great skin to begin with so this may not be applicable to everyone. Tinted moisturizers worked for me. Click here for my favourite moisturizer.
  • Blot before adding more powder. Picture this: Oil + more powder is like adding insult to an injury. The more powder you use in an oily face will result to more oxidation giving you that odd-looking orangey face.
  • Try on testers before buying. Go to a makeup counter and try on some products first. Walk for few hours before spending your hard earned moolah and see how it would react to your skin. This would prevent you from buying the wrong product.
So, that’s all for me. Hopefully the next time you put on that foundation, it will be a success.

Because orange is a cool color but never on your skin!

Miss J

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  1. Thanks for the tips! It is a problem I often encounter too.. its hard enough to find a foundation that matches my shade.. only to find out they will oxydize easily on me.. its frustrating at times.. but i'll keep in mind your tips!


  2. Hello Aiz, thanks for visiting. And you're welcome. Oh I had more "orange" experiences than you can imagine before I was able to solve it, hihihi. Hopefully these tips would work for you.

    Thanks again and hope to meet you one day:)

    Miss J