RIO MINTS Sweet Mango Product Launch

October 23, 2012

With Manila ’s unpredictable and yet humid weather, I often find myself thirsty when it’s hot outside. But bringing with me some water is just inconvenient for me so I turn to mints or candies to keep me sane.

So when Rio Mints PH invited me for their latest product launch, I had to say yes. Rio Mints is a brand of sugar-free mints and comes in different exciting flavors namely Burgundy Grape, Pink Grapefruit, Honey Melon and Green Tea & Peppermint and the latest, Sweet Mango. 

And oh, they are sugar free! They are housed in a chic container perfect for that active lifestyle of yours. And they contain Beta Carotene and Vitamin C too. And last but not the least, they contain Xylitol so your tooth can be happy.

Rio Mints was too kind enough to send me their invitation!

The event was held last Saturday, October 20, 2012 from 3:30-7:30 pm at the W Tower ( 39th St. ), Bonifacio Global City . 

I came in late for the event as I had to visit a friend at the hospital. The plan was to visit her first then to the event. Denise, who was handling the event for Rio Mints contacted me by phone to confirm my attendance. I was extremely embarrassed not to show up and so I did.

It was meant to be a backyard party with some activities. Oh well, I still had fun looking at these bloggers joining the T-shirt design contest. They spray-painted some shirts and reconstructed them into a beautiful piece of art! As I noticed that a lot of them are fashion bloggers, it was no brainer why everyone came in chic outfits. 

And of course, the winner has to be……. Paul the PR Guy! I could not resist having a picture taken with him. Oh he is such a good looking guy!  And very approachable too!

With Paul, the PR Guy.

Joni, from Rio Mints was so nice to chat with me being a late comer that I was, lol. She was very accommodating in explaining their latest product and some bloggers even have to ask her while we were conversing if I was from Rio Mints too, hehehehe.

Overall, I had fun seeing all these beautiful people come down for this event. Though the place was kind of hard to find, we managed to make it there for the launch.

And look what I got from Rio Mints after the event!

Thank you Rio Mints. I really had a colourful Saturday of my life. 

Hope to see you again in your next event!

Miss J

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