SERVED UPSIDE DOWN | Dairy Queen is My Fave Ice Cream!

October 12, 2012

During the weekend, I could not stop myself from buying my fave ice cream at Dairy Queen

Seven years ago, my friends and I would often hang out at this place in Glorietta 4 drowning ourselves with these delightful desserts coupled with so much fun and never ending stories! Oh, those were the days!

I just love their "blizzards" especially Strawberry Banana.. Awwwww.. I could just imagine it in my mouth as I write this.

I know have not been posting makeup reviews these days so hopefully this post can still interest you as we all need to have a good time enjoying food, right?

Must try(s) are their DQ Cakes as frozen cakes are nothing but extra ordinary goodness! They are perfect for any occasion, parties or even a simple get together with family or friends. This would for sure be the star of your get-together meal.

Blizzards on the other hand come in various flavors such as Oreo, M&M's, Banana Split, Chocolate Chip, Tropical Fruit & Nut and a whole lot more! A blizzard is so thick you would need a spoon to consume it! 

And the extra bonus is this: It must be served upside down or it's FREE!

Come on, INDULGE! Life is too short, right?

Like Dairy Queen Page here!

Miss J 

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