Why it's Okay to go Makeup-Free on Some Days

July 20, 2016

I've been wearing makeup full time since I started working. My university days were spent only using a lipstick--- a hand-me-down from my mom from Revlon and yes, baby powders!

Then work came and I was able to finally afford some pressed powders. I used to buy the one from Johnson's and Johnson's. I am unsure if they still carry it these days, but if they do, hey there my first powder:)

And then the next years were full of experiments from the simple pressed powder to foundations (liquid, powder, cream- name them all). However, I still feel that going makeup-free on some days is beneficial for the skin and here's why:

Good skin means a perfect canvass
Before you start buying expensive makeup, best to focus on skincare first. This is a lesson I knew too late because nobody told me, lol. Instead, I had to like makeup first and realize later on that no matter how expensive my makeup is, there is no good substitute for a good skin.

Makeup accelerates aging
Yes it does according to some research by by damaging elastin and collagen, resulting in fine lines and ageing. If you check your makeup's ingredients, you would probably read about parabens which can stay throughout the day within the pores and the  layers of the skin.

Makeup can clog pores

Makeup does not allow our pores to breathe. In turn, it clogs them making them appear bigger. Taking a break from makeup means allowing our skin to recover from the damages which are caused overusing makeup.

Removing makeup damages skin
Annoying isn't it? You spent time and money doing your face and when it is time to remove makeup, you will then use a makeup remover or cleansers which are potentially harsh on your skin causing more damage than it already is. And then you will be forced to buy more products to get them into shape. This beauty companies surely know how to trick us to buy more, lol.

For most women who wear makeup seven (7) days a week, this is bad news and don't worry, it breaks my heart too to know the repercussions of using it everyday but in my experience, not wearing makeup on weekends can be a good start. A two-day weekly break is still a nice break.

In the meantime, if you can't afford to be makeup-free for now, I would suggest using less products. After all, life is too short not to enjoy makeup especially when they sparkle your eyes.


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