REVISITED | Mario Badescu Silver Powder Review

July 18, 2016

I always try to stick to my DIY weekly hair and skin treatments no matter how busy I am. I feel bad whenever can't because that means I failed miserably in time management.

I put on some hair mask/ treatment weekly because I color my hair a lot and I mean every 6 weeks! To get rid of white/ blackheads, excess sebum and impurities, I use the Mario Badescu Silver Powder.

The Mario Badescu Silver Powder is basically just a white powder and no silver on it. You take a tiny amount and mix it with water creating a paste and apply in your face. After 10 minutes, you either take a cotton with toner to remove them or just wash it off which works on my case.

The sides of my nose have huge pores and this is where I usually would have whiteheads popping out. If you are using it for the first time, do not expect all the 'heads will magically disappear. Try using it twice or thrice before you start passing on judgment.

I notice that it does "soften" the white/blackheads to come out and sometimes you would be tempted to take matters in your hands and take them out by yourself because they are almost hanging there in your nose, lol.

I just wish it won't be that messy to use though. The first time I used it, I made a scene in my bathroom by spilling some products in the floor. But no biggie, I was able to pass that stage now each time I use it. I also don't like the extra step that I would need to rinse or use a cotton to remove them- why can't I just peel it off right away, hehe.

But this product really works for me and can't say this enough but I've had luck with Mario Badescu products. They are quite affordable and deliver results.

Overall Verdict:
4.00 Lipsticks

Buy Again: Yes- I love Mario Badescu products and this one works for me.


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