The Sapporo Snow Experience and Everything in Between

July 13, 2016

My time in Sapporo was just wonderful. I had finally seen and touched lots of snow! Strange but my very first snow encounter was in Beijing few years ago however, it wasn't that much of a writing piece. 

I won't even call it exciting as I just saw a pile of snow on the road on my way up to the Great Wall and that's it.

Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort
As it was already April and winter is over in most of Japan, some ski resorts have finally closed. However Sapporo Kokusai is luckily opened for visitors during that time. 

 There are scheduled buses from the main station to get to the resort. The travel time is about an hour.

The excitement begins by seeing the beautiful scenery as you go up to the mountains. 

Mountains are covered with snow, the rivers are as white as a paper and while the trees are not green, they are still as beautiful as they are. Everything seems frozen!

Ski lessons are also available at the resort but they don't come cheap so go ahead if you are feeling like a winter sport champion.

 I didn't pay for any lessons obviously but I wouldn't miss some good old photos. I'm from sunny Manila after all.

Sapporo TV Tower
Built in 1957, is a 147.2 metre high TV tower with an observation deck at a height of 90.38 metres. Located on the ground of Odori Park, in the northern city of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, the tower is open to tourists. Tourists can view Sapporo and Odori Park (Source)

 I tricked myself into thinking it was the Eiffel Tower, lol. Well, I have a good imagination brain cells to back me up.

Sapporo Clock Tower
The building is of American design and is one of the few surviving Western-style buildings in Sapporo, a city developed in the 1870s with assistance from the American government. It is known by many as the symbol of the city and is a main feature of almost all domestic and international tours of Sapporo. The clock after which it is named continues to run and keep time, and the chimes can be heard every hour. (Source)

It is somehow eerie to go inside the clock tower because there aren't too many people but you'll get distracted by the many things you can read and see at the same time.

Eat ramen to cap off your day in Sapporo
Yes- you heard it right, ramen is my  food game while in Japan. I am always curious to hunt for the best tasting ramen everytime my tummy needs some TLC. 

The ramen I get to taste gets better and better every time. 

If you happen to know why, can you tell me why?

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