Makeup Products to Pack when Traveling

July 15, 2016

You know what's another thing I love about Japan? It's the winter- I kid you not! I love the cold weather for selfish reasons. My makeup can stay for a really long time- yeah!

Admit it, when we travel, we don't have much time to spare on doing makeup and so I am going to list down my makeup routine while I'm traveling.

Yes- the cold weather can do more harm than good so putting on a moisturizer is a must however, even in sunny places, it is still best to moisturize just the same. I personally use a facial spray during summer to cool me down.

Wear sunblock
I hear you- it is winter in Japan and you think the sun shall spare you of its UV rays. Well- honey it won't! I wear sunscreen every single day and I am not joking.

Ace that Base 
To cut time in your makeup application, you can invest in some tinted sunblock such as this one. Summer is not the best time to layer on a lot of products in our faces and so by using tinted sunblock/ moisturizer, it will instantly even your skin tone and you can set it with very little powder. 

Remember that sweat and powder make your face cakey so be careful with powder during summer. It can double as your tinted moisturizer/ sunblock and foundation too.

On winters though, a foundation with moisturizing properties is a safe bet. Or a cream foundation too. You may or may not set with powder that depends on you!

Invest in a good eyebrow product
If you will be walking all day, might as well ensure that your brows are intact in each photo you are going to take. I recommend Tony Moly or the K Palette ones. 

They are amazing. I still set them with a brow mascara to ensure the hairs are in place.


Skip the eyeshadow
I don't wear eyeshadow wile traveling for obvious reasons that I don't have much time on my hands. But if you can't resist to wear one, go ahead just make sure they are sweat-proof by using an eyeshadow primer.

Eyeliner- damn if you do, damn if you don't!
In short- unless you are planning to go to Alaska during winter, then grab anything and line your eyes, but if it will be summer in your destination, make sure to invest in a sweat proof, long wearing eyeliner like K Palette. It is seriously the bomb.


Blush away
I use cheek tints and yes, I love them!They are pretty long lasting. 

I have a cream blush I use when I am in a country where it is winter and from my experience, cream blushes look more natural too.

They are easy to apply and give you that gorgeous glow instantly.

Tips on Lips
On winters, I would die without wearing a lip balm because cold weather can crack your lips. I like lip balms with a hint of color. I really enjoyed using Kate CC Lip Cream which I purchased in Japan.

Even on sunny days, colored lip balms are good substitute for thick lipstick formulas. Chances are, you will be eating lots of street food (I hope!), tired and dehydrated anyway.

Also, don't forget to add some makeup spray after to keep your makeup intact.

Lastly, don't worry about your makeup too much, best to enjoy the trip and smile all the time!


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