REVISITED | Detclear Bright and Peel Fruits Cleansing Liquid Review

July 21, 2016

One of my best buys in Japan is the Detclear Bright and Peel Fruits Cleansing Liquid with AHA and BHA.It is an exfoliating Japanese cleansing liquid which dissolves waterproof makeup.

I picked this up without any idea whether it has good or bad reviews. Also there wasn't an English translation in the packaging which could have helped that time. But anyhow, I picked it up and paid it right away.

It has natural fruits extracts, AHA and BHA derived from fruits to gently remove melanin-containing dead skin cells. It is an oil-free formula which lifts away long-wearing makeup including waterproof mascara and even safe for lash extensions. This product promises a brighter, fresher and smoother skin.

I searched in Google what's the best way to use it and looks like most people would use a cotton and a pump or two of this product. What I do however is to get one to two pumps in my palm and apply it directly. I would usually try to lather it like a foaming wash and immediately I see hard to remove lipstick to dissolve in few seconds. I like the sweet fruity scent and the fact that AHA and BHA aid in getting that brighter skin.

I use sunblock every single day and this helps me remove all residue and all the things you can imagine sitting on my face. I think the brightening effect does work but then again, I use one or two products with  brightening properties these days because I got some pimple scars which I want to get rid of. I didn't experience peeling in a whole lot level but perhaps the peeling Detclear meant is micropeeling? I don't know really.

Also, remember to wash it after as it is slightly, and I mean very slightly sticky during the first application but it improves as you go along.

Overall Verdict:
4.5 Lipsticks

Buy Again: Yes, if only I can find this being sold here in Manila.

I forgot how much I paid for this, but I think around 1,000.00 yen. Also, I have never seen this product being sold here in Manila, so if you happen to know where they sell Detclear products, will you let me know?


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