The White Sneakers Trend is Here to Stay

July 20, 2016

I only have one  regret this year, and that is NOT buying a white Adidas Superstar when I traveled to Japan last December and April this year!


It's superficial but that's how I feel, lol. The reason for not buying is I thought I will travel to Tokyo again in June so since I have white kicks already which by the way isn't an Adidas brand, I figured I could use the money in more ramen and shopping. 

Turns out, that was a "bad" decision.

After few days since I arrived in Manila, I already felt broken inside, lol. I immediately asked someone I know who was in Dubai if he can get me one but unfortunately he didn't have the time and now I am still salivating these shoes (yeah, I am shallow like that haha!)

Anyhow, I've been using the white sneakers on dress combo a lot of times. It's just so easy to pair it with almost anything from a dress, skirt, shorts and jeans! 

Even celebrities are caught going to this off-cam model look a lot these days. I am sure this trend's going to stay for a long time. If ever it goes, it will for sure comes back in no time.

Do you also pair your white sneakers with almost anything in your wardrobe list? If you do, then let's do a quick high five!


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