Sport Now, Live Longer

November 21, 2015

My recent cardio check up was a bitter pill to swallow. I was told immensely I need an exercise! I mean, I enjoy walking and running but my crazy schedule at work is always a consideration. But overtime, I knew deep inside me that all these are but excuses.

I am not an athletic-kind-of-girl. Except for swimming and running, other sports always take a backseat. But now, I can't continue living like a pig. I must move, sway my arms altogether and start catching on my breath if and when I want to live longer.

You need not coach me on how important exercise is- I always hear its importance like a broken record. It is a commitment much like finding a boyfriend and sticking to it unless clearly, it doesn't work at all. 

My prayer is that I may be able to dump all excuses at the door and wear my running shoes without any hesitation. May I realize that sweat is part of the exercise' success and so is losing pounds.

Also- if you're looking for an exercise buddy, please make use of myself. We can break the fats like a pro.


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