First Timer in Hongkong

November 18, 2015

Last month, I traveled to Hongkong on a whim. In short, it was a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing after enduring some months of work, life and everything in between. I didn't have much plan and in times like this, I could make use of my fervent wish that "the best plans are NOT having plans at all".

I didn't plan on staying long, in fact just for the weekend. Hongkong seemed to be so elusive in all my Southeast Asia travels. I have never visited this city before when most Filipinos already did. Well, that came without a surprise, I am a late-bloomer afterall.

Hongkong boasts of a different Chinese air- so different from the mainland China as the city enjoys a higher degree of autonomy, as its political and judicial systems operate independently. I had been in Shanghai and Beijing but Hongkong is quite different indeed. I heard rumors that the Hongkong people are flabbergasted when you compare them to the people from the mainland.

First order of the day is food!

Of course I wouldn't miss it for the world. Nah. Never.

Salmon in curry with veggies. God, this was so delicious, I thought I'd gone to salmon heaven.

Spaghetti with brocolli, leeks, mushrooms and ground meat. Wow!
This pizza was for sure yummy. The photo didn't do much justice.

Shopping in Hongkong is crazy!

There are gazillion thingamajigs you can buy from street markets in Hongkong. From electronics, cosmetics, clothes and yes, even s*x toys (oh, I didn't want to mention this but just in case, haha!)

Harbour watching, why not!

I made use of my feet a lot by walking and to see the water (okay, it is not very, very tidy but then bet you got some complains with Manila Bay's water).

Walking around Laguna Verde

Don't forget to rest. Seriously.

After some bloody exercise using my feet, all I need is a nice retreat from walking.

Strike a pose, come on!

Well as they say, don't forget to pose like a pro!

I figured after this  trip, my sense of adventurism is still there. 

Thanks for the memories, Hongkong!


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