REVISITED | Ben Nye Media Pro HD Tattoo Coverall in SK-11 Review

November 21, 2015

 How wonderful it is to have one product with four (4) concealers, right? This was the same thought I had when I first saw the Ben Nye Media Pro HD Tattoo Coverall in SK-11. For less than a thousand pesos, I should be out, ready for my next selfie pose at anytime of the day.

The Ben Nye Media Pro HD Tattoo Coverall in SK-11 is a compact concealer said to cover tattoo, contour the face, hide the veins (yes, I was told),  hyperpigmentation or undereye circles! They also save room in your kit, as each is wheel divided up into four (4) blendable colors.

I cannot provide explanation on the names of each concealer color, but I do know they are easy to match any Asian skintone. My fave is the peach-toned concealer as I find it best to apply in my under eyes, then pack another color on the wheel which matches my color. The darkest color was said to be used as contour color but I still find matte formulation best in my skin condition.

The lightest can be used for highlighting but I rarely used this as I stay away from packing on too much  makeup these days. They are not pretty long lasting and left me quite disappointed to be honest. Also, it can leave your under eye cakey so be very careful on the amount of product being used each time.

Overall, this is a decent product. Okay- I am not too crazy about it but it isn’t a bad product after all. I don’t sport any tattoos so if you do, please let me know how it goes!

Overall Verdict: 
4 Lipsticks


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