The Skin Care Over Makeup Girl

November 18, 2015

I am quite surprised I spent only few moolah on makeup since last year. Yes- it must be a sign of maturity but my gut tells me it's because I like to invest on my skin more than what makeup can camouflage. Now that's probably hilarious if you knew me from way, way back.

I still feel guilty of using too much makeup once in a while especially if I got the time, haha. To remedy this, I always remember this line: "No amount of makeup can hide an ugly heart."

Anyhow, my recent beauty hauls have taught me to prioritize skin care before makeup. It must be good for the most part. Now I am unsure how long can I keep this mindset considering I sincerely and awesomely adore makeup to bits!

It also shows if you are a makeup junkie like I am- it is very likely that you will transition like I did in terms of beauty. Or you wont! But who cares! Everyone is different. 

How is your beauty shopping going on lately? If you are like me with a newly discovered obsession on perfecting our skin, perhaps we should have a better discussion over coffee? What do you think?


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