Travel Tuesday | Beijing, China

January 07, 2014

Last, last year, I went on flight-shopping spree; bought three RT tickets in three destinations for 2013: Bangkok, Seoul and Beijing. 

Of course, you know what happened to my Bangkok trip right? It was disastrous, boring and emotional. Well you have to forgive me, my father passed away while I was strutting my butt in Bangkok.

I remember staying in my semi-luxurious five star hotel alone, sobbing almost dying because of loneliness. By the way, I don’t splurge on accommodations usually because I know how much money I can save if I stay in hostels or guesthouses, but since that was my first time in Bangkok, I said, hey why not! Well these things happen you know and I vow one day I shall return in Bangkok with a vengeance as I am planning to pack all the happiness I can take in my next trip!

But Beijing…. Ah this is my 8th trip to this city (the first time was in 2008 and China, the very first country stamped in my passport). Travel guides or travel writers would not suggest planning a second trip to the same country to see other places and maximize your money. Unfortunately—I suck in following orders when traveling. I can eat one dish for a year and never gets tired, that’s how loyal I can be.

The itinerary was simple: Climb the Great Wall again, eat lots of Chinese food and wear my winter clothes! All these I was able to accomplish. I was also able to meet a long-time friend whom I haven’t seen for years!

And you do know I didn’t pick up any makeup except for one Maybelline eyeshadow. I guess I am getting old. Maybe subconsciously, my relationship with shopping is falling out.

Jude and Anette are two nice people I met during my Great Wall tour.


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