The Beijing Makeup Shopping Experience

December 05, 2013

I just came back from my Beijing trip and I must say the cold was unforgivable in most days. I've been to Beijing quite few times in the past, it is the most visited city in my passport to date. I have the best (and the not-so-good) memories in Beijing only because I had my heart broken there once (sniff, sniff).

But of course, that's all in the past! I had been healed, moved on and never been better. Well the guy who "broke" my heart even became one of my true friends in this lifetime, I just couldn't believe it.
Hey wait--- I think this post isn't really about my love life, noh? I am actually here to talk about makeup shopping in Beijing. My research gave me quite a number of options such as Makeup Forever, MAC, Sephora, etc.

So on my first day, I went to hunt one Sephora store said to be located at the China World Trade Center in Jianguomen. Goodness, even the person behind the Information desk didn't seem to know what I was talking about. I ended up taking the cab back to my hotel because I was freezing and could not afford to walk back to the nearest subway. Major fail!

And so in the night, I decided to check out the nearest mall just a few steps from my Holiday Inn hotel in Minzuyuan. I found a small Watson's shop. Okay not much going on, I picked up some few chocolate bars for someone back in Manila. I passed by a Maybelline counter and saw this cream eyeshadow!

The label was in Chinese I could not even decipher the shade I am looking. It somehow resembles a quaint bronze color almost brown when you swatch it but is a good base in my opinion. Somehow I think this is the Rich Mahogany shade I've seen on blogs. I decided to pick it up and went back to my hotel. The price was for RMB 69 ($12); I thought it's not cheap as I expect it to be well better than nothing.

On my third day, I was eyeing the famous H&M store in Xidan but lo and behold, just before I got off the escalator, I saw this huge sign which screamed "Sephora". My heartbeat was too excited only to be disappointed because the brands I was looking for were missing. No Urban Decay, only items from Sephora of course and some Benefit products.

The MAC comestics counter was also a disappointment. The prices are way expensive than if your buy it in sunny Manila.  
Would you believe I didn't end up buying anything in both shops? I myself can't just believe what just happened. I was in makeup heaven but didn't like what I was seeing. Just like being in a company of extremely goodlooking men and no one made my heart beat faster!

I therefore conclude I'm either:

- A wiser shopper; OR
- A more stingy (aka kuripot) consumer

So that's my story on makeup shopping in Beijing. While it broke my heart again not going home with anything except that Maybelline eyeshadow, my wallet was extremely happy.


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