My MAC Lipsticks Holiday Look

December 10, 2013

Look-- I am and will always be a red lippie fan forever!  

There is something in reds that I can't ultimately shake off! So you have to forgive me if I have to name my blog announcing my fascination with Christmas' fave color.

However, I will always enjoy playing with different lipsticks because that's one of my happiness in this world. Don't let me wear a foundation or a powder but please allow me to roadtest a lippie, please.

My MAC lipsticks are my most growing collection to date. They are pricey, yes but I think worth the buck.

Let me share my collective MAC lipstick looks you can try this season using the shades: Up the Amp, Love Forever, Positively Dashing and Prolong.
Lastly, I think we should care less really whether a lippie would suit us or not. Afterall, you can always opt to change them if you think otherwise. The idea is simple: Be bold, daring and fun.

Much love and kisses.


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