REVISITED | Skin Food Applemango Volume Essence Mist Review

December 10, 2013

Today I am going to review one of my beauty buys in my September trip to Seoul. 

 The Skin Food Applemango Volume Essence Mist is said to give your hair some volume if you have a limp and fine hair just like me. According to my research, the Skin Food Apple Mango Volume Essence Mist delivers moisture to the hair with apple mango extracts, keratin, protein and beta particles styling the hair naturally and giving it full of volume.

Before styling, you are to spray onto the hair from a distance and dry using blow dryer to add volume. Or just brush it you are to dry it naturally.
This hair mist smells heavenly, fruity (obviously), never sticky, lightweight and makes my hair soft and yeah, a hint of shine. The product is colorless (and so I think). It contains 100 ml of product and retails for 7,000 KRW (or roughly Php 300 or $6) in Seoul.

It lives up to its promise of volume in my hair, though I would be guilty of putting more from time to time because it seems like if I put on a little, my hair's a limp still. I have no complaints because to tell you frankly, I finished this bottle just few weeks ago just before my Beijing trip. I really missed this product really bad, wished I have bought some more bottles.

Lalalaalalalala--- volume!
I am not sure if the SkinFood stores here in sunny Manila sell this product but yeah it's worth the check.

Overall Verdict:

4.5 Lipsticks

Buy Again: Yes!


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