Paula Schargorodsky's 35 and Single | The Single Curse Which Can be a Blessing

December 13, 2013!projects/c1jyo

If you live in the Philippines, being thirty and single can be frowned upon.  

While the world has not stopped evolving, sometimes beliefs, old habits and cultures never die. Such can be the case for a Filipino woman like me.

Ladies, I would like to introduce Paula Schargorodsky who is a filmmaker living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I love how she related in this video her truest feelings, hopes and how non-conformity can be a bliss. 

Paula's words:

"Over the past 10 years, I’ve been compulsively filming everyone and everything for no particular reason. All my love stories and breakups have been recorded and systematically kept. 

As I continued to change boyfriends and hometowns every two years or so, I filmed my friends with their boyfriends, then husbands, then pregnant bellies, until they were surrounded by children. When my last single friend from school married, I fell asleep the evening of the wedding and didn’t show up. 

I’m 35, Argentine, Jewish and single. 

And these four categories don’t seem to go smoothly together. So I decided to make a film about the questions I have struggled to answer. Can social mandates be disregarded, or is my extended youth finally coming to its end? 

After I finished filming, I met someone. He is imperfect, and I love him. This time I realize I can live with unanswered questions, and that’s fine."


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  1. I really dont think there's nothing wrong being in your thirties and still single :) There is absolutely more to life than that and anything could happen in the future ;) Great writing girl, I enjoyed reading that :)

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    1. HI Nicole- thanks for visiting. I'm glad you liked it. You do have a wonderful blog too! I shall follow you!