Meet YET Manila - Korean Cosmetics & Skin Care Line

November 27, 2013

Sometimes I think I am too old to like too cute, colourful and girly packaging you see from most Korean makeup brands. If I am sixteen and can afford it, I will probably wear a lot of Japanese and Korean inspired outfits. I have never been in Japan but I must say that Korean girls are too cute, almost Barbie doll-like.

So it’s not a secret that despite the fact that I am a full grown woman, I have this fascination with these thingamajigs! So imagine my delight when by accident, I saw this new Korean makeup brand at the SuperSale Bazaar 2013 called Y.E.T (Yes! Enjoy Time). Y.E.T. or Yes! Enjoy Time is a brand of high-quality Korean cosmetics and skin care line. It is made for the modern woman - Strong, Confident & FUN!  
Ms. Cherry, one of the owners immediately asked me if I am “Theredlippie” because she follows me on Instagram and asked if I know my BFF Marcy. Marcy was instrumental in introducing me to  makeup back then when we used to work for an international bank. When I said yes, she said that she is friends with Marcy since university days and Marcy mentioned that I have a blog and that he will ask me to review their products.

That weekend, Marcy messaged me and asked me to drop by at the PowerPlant Mall in Rockwell to check out their products. I’ve been very busy like forever that I told him I will soon. Turned out, I didn’t have to visit the Rockwell booth as they were in SuperSale Bazaar that time.

My friends Mira and Donna also bought some products with them yay! I came home with a primer, blue gel liner and an eyebrow pen.

Fill It Up (Php 575)  is a clear silicone base primer that fills in wrinkles and pores for an even and smooth application of your liquid or powder foundation. Ever wondered why actresses seems so flawless? This is the secret for a "peaches and cream" complexion! 

Club Partra Gel Liners (Php 395) glide smoothly and boldy for a perfect eye line all the time. It is great for hot and humid days as this is waterproof and sweatproof. No need to worry about running eyeliner, just apply and go! I have this in blue and I'm the only girl at work who wears blue eyeliner, weeeee!

Fickle Auto Eyebrow Pen (Dark Gray) (Php 295)  is a self-propelling automatic pencil. Provides soft, smooth texture to create perfectly natural eyebrows. Easy to apply. No flaking, stiffening, or smudging. Cool gray color.

And look, she even gave me a free mask! Oh I love these Korean masks!

Thank you Y.E.T. And yes, I am going to enjoy my time! 

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  1. Too adorable!!! This is cool-cute, like how I would describe Too Cool For School's packaging.

    1. Hi CJ- I saw some Too Cool for School shops in Seoul during my trip but didn't bother to buy one. And now I regret it. Y.E.T. is the newest Korean brand here I think.