What's the Deal with Korean Facial Masks?

October 04, 2013

If you have traveled in Korea and shopped at any of their makeup stores, there's a million chance that you had been given these masks as a freebie.

Facial masks are so common in the land of K-Pop and they are everywhere. I read somewhere that Korean girls would use these masks just before they go out on a date to keep their skin feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

During my first trip to Seoul in 2010, I didn't much get the drift on these masks. But the more I use them, I kinda like the feeling. These masks are made of  paper soaked in water or essence (well not mainly water, must be something going on besides water). It's wet, you would need to open the mask and place the mask's holes exactly where your eyes, lips and nose sit. You wait for 15-20 minutes then you're done.

So before you judge my whole being, let me warn you though that the next pic is extremely unflattering but I just wanted to show you how it works on me.

Please excuse my unflattering photo to date.

I really feel refreshed after using the mask. My face was so moisturized!

So, what do you think about facial masks? Let me know your thoughts!


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  1. LOL. I actually do have a couple of Korean face masks that I've never used. Girls use them just before a big date? Hmm. I guess I'll bust out those free samples before they expire haha..thanks to this post for reminding me. :))

    1. Hello Ms. Alex,

      I am so pleased to read your comment; I've been reading your blog and following you in IG.. You don't know how much I appreciate you checking out my simple blog :)