REVISITED | SkinFood Choco Smoky Eye Palette in #2 (Warm Brown Choco) Review

October 24, 2013

Hi Guys, I am going away from the usual format of my blog because I'd like to experiment (boring is a serious term). So today, I am going to stay away from the Pros or Cons format to see whether you are all reading what I am going to post here. Let me know how you are taking this (ha!).

Anyhow, today's review is from SKINFOOD. SkinFood is one of the most respected Korean brands. They boast of quality products most of which are made from plant extracts. Think organic (well maybe not in its entirety), but I am sure you know the drill.

The SkinFood Choco Smoky Eye Palette in #2 (Warm Brown Choco) is housed in a small (just enough to fit my palm) so it is basically very handy, something you can throw in your everyday bag. This retails for 10,000 Korean Won in Seoul and is also part of my Korean makeup haul if you know what I mean.

The SkinFood Choco Smoky Eye Palette in #2 has three (3) eyeshadows and a brown eyeliner to boot. The eyeshadows are not that pigmented I must say (well I expected too much) and pretty much powdery. When worn under a primer, you can see a  slight improvement in terms of color payoff but then if you are looking for something more intense, then this is not what you would be looking for.

I love neutrals, great for everyday look, just enough to make you look normal and well put. The casing is also some sort of a disappointment after few weeks as the lock turned loose and the brightest eyeshadow has somehow "bled" a little.

The brown eyeliner is best when worn alone because if you use a deeper color underneath, the color does not seem to stand out after. But hey, I am not hating this palette in general. I have found the best way to use it more effectively. The brown eyeliner turned out to be best used as a brow liner. The consistency is creamy, goes on smoothly and as long as you set it with your good old brow gel, it is the bomb! 
It does look super natural on me to achieve that perfect brows.

I am not loving the eyeshadows but the brown eyeliner is the saving grace of this palette. Therefore ladies, I am not throwing it away, I am keeping it. Yihaaa!

My Rating: 

3.00 Lipsticks


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  1. I love how prim and very natural the colors are which is great for every day look. You look gorgeous as always!


    1. Hi Mitch,

      Thank you, we are both gorge you know that, hahaha! Too bad it is powdery for my taste. See you soon!

  2. OMG that is so cheap. I mean not really cheap but compared to the SkinFood here? Jeezuz! I wanna go to South Korea now!!!


    1. Hi CJ-- yes SkinFood products are priced double here in Manila. In Korea however, you will feel the difference. They are much affordable if you buy it there. Thanks for visiting.