REVISITED | SKINFOOD Foodtherapy Stick Perfume Review

October 02, 2013

Happy hump day everyone! I hope you are all doing great this week.

I am back for another Korean product review: the Skinfood Foodtherapy Stick Perfume in Energy Berry and Happy Vanilla. They cost 9,000 Korean won in Seoul.

The Skinfood Foodtherapy Stick Perfume in Happy Vanilla was suggested by Sheryll of The Wanderlust Project in her blog. I had been a Moschino perfume avid user for the last seven years. I will try other perfumes but then I will always go back to Moschino.

Skinfood Foodtherapy Stick Perfume in Happy Vanilla is a sweet and welcoming scent and can be sensual. I heard that many years ago, many regard vanilla as a natural aphrodisiac. Wow! Had I known, I should have worn Vanilla since I was a baby, lol.

The Skinfood Foodtherapy Stick Perfume in Energy Berry on the other hand gives you that kind of fruity scent which can jumpstart your bad day to good. It's actually my favorite between the two. My Moschino perfume smells just like that--- fruity and  I think this formula works best with my body chemistry.

They are pretty long lasting too. When you stick the perfume on to your wrist or neck, it can be quite sticky but I suggest do a quick-rubbing so the stickiness would go away. What's left is that pretty smell. I can put it on my clothes (they are pretty colorless when applied) or to my body, that's how versatile it is. Alas, you can even throw it in your purse because it comes in that small tube perfect when you're on the go.

Me Says:

- Long wearing
- Very compact/ cute packaging
- Inexpensive if bought in Seoul
- Does not stain my clothes
- Available in different scents


- Can be a little sticky at first when applied
- May not be locally available

Overall Verdict:

4.00 Lipsticks

I haven't checked the local Skinfood stores around the metro if they have it on stock. But if you are anywhere in Seoul, don't forget to pick up one as it can be the perfect compact perfume for you.

Buy Again: Yes, yes, yes!

If there's a cutest and smallest perfume award, no doubt this will be a hands down winner for me. What's your perfume today?


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