Bag Post | LongChamp and Furla

October 25, 2013

 Long before I became fascinated  to many things, I was first a shoe addict. In fact if you read my About Me section, I briefly spoke about my Mom thinking I can’t eat shoes when I’m starving. Well that is true in real life unless I decide to become a real “shoe eater”. I still can’t resist buying shoes every now and then when it suits me.

Then the unexpected thing happened. I suddenly started adoring nice and pretty bags. I think this was passed on to me by my good friends Marcy and JB whom I met when I used to work for an international bank. Marcy owns a number of designer bags and JB too. As for me, except for some Kenneth Cole, Mango, Esprit, Zara and Nine West bags, I don’t have much experience. I don’t have issues buying from local designers either as long as: 

  1. Probably a cross body bag is much better
  2.  Fits my makeup kit, sunnies, umbrella (yeah, sue me!), keys, etc.
I am not a fan of small bags because I am tall and full figured, unless I want to make that small bag much like a wallet or a purse beside me (lol). Then I had a Le Pliage LongChamp in lavender last year. I loved it. Long handle, roomy and durable.

Most of my money are well spent in traveling or makeup that’s for sure. I don’t look at designer bags whenever I travel (obviously because they are pricey).  

But in my recent trip in Seoul, I decided to change the game a little. I bought two designer bags from LongChamp and Furla.  I bought the Limited Edition Longchamp Maroquinerie (LM) Tote at the duty-free shop shop at Incheon airport. This has a short handle. I realized LongChamp bags are cheaper by 20- 30% in Seoul. 

Furla however costs just the same if you buy it anywhere (I bought mine at a duty-free shop in Gangnam).

I am very happy with them. Once I stop traveling maybe I can afford to buy more! As they say, your bag says so much about you!

But heck, traveling is more fun!

What is your best bag buy so far?


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