GlamST: Try Beauty Products Virtually and Receive Advice

November 02, 2013

Hola hola, ladies! I have some exciting news to share! Don't you wish there is some sort of way to virtually test the products before you even actually buy it? Yes, now it's possible. Really awesome news, isn't it?

GlamST is a new platform that helps women find the perfect beauty product. It combines virtual tester technology with intelligent recommendations and social advice to help choose the best beauty products online.

GlamST had recently launched their app in the Windows 8 store.  Here is the link of their app:

On December 2013, they are launching their web platform:

GlamST has 4 important components:

1. Virtual makeup tester: try products on your own picture

2. Algorithm for intelligent recommendations: automatic recommendations on how to complete your look

3. Social advice: ask the community to advice you in the creation of your look.

4. Latest trends and Tips: space for the bloggers to post their blog posts with link to their blogs

Features on the current GlamST:

- Try virtual makeup on your own picture

- Save your looks

- Share your look inside the platform

- View and try looks from the community

- View catalog of products

Now being pretty is so easy with GlamST!


*This is a sponsored post*

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