REVISITED | The FaceShop Color Aura Color Control Cream Review

November 05, 2013

Ah CC (Colour Correcting) creams! They are the next big thing after the blemish balms (BB). 

As Wikipedia puts it,  CC cream is reputed to include sun protection, along with better skincare properties (such as anti-aging, hydration, blemish prevention etc.) and treatment of uneven skin tones than BB creams. Some users find it to have a lighter texture than BB cream, which allows for smoother application with a less oily finish. Coverage can vary greatly among the different brands, and are more often than not minimal when compared to BB creams. Some tend to work better as primers rather than a replacement for foundation.

Photo from The Faceshop

 So the story goes that when I was traveling in Seoul, I was on the lookout of the FaceShop Color Aura Color Control Cream  after reading Chuvaness' review. Then I decided to pick up two CC creams one of which was from Nature Republic and of course the FaceShop Color Aura Color Control Cream. I don’t recall the tag price but it was around 14,000 KRW I think. Much cheaper if you buy it here in Manila. The other from Nature Republic was about 12,000 KRW though that was on sale. I heard that this one costs Php 1,600.00 if you buy it here.

My Indonesian friend Irwan who is based in Seoul,  and whom I’ve met through Joef (he is a long time Korea resident),  swears by this product. According to him, a lot of people like this. So after much less thought, I bought this on a whim. I bought the shade#2 which according to assistant would match my skintone. 

First of all, this product comes in a unique packaging. It is housed in a round compact where you need to press a colorless button to get the product out of the compact. The consistency is creamy, very opaque and would cover blemishes really well. I can skip concealer with this one if I don’t need a serious coverage of my dark undereye circles though it does not cover dark spots 100%. It spreads evenly if you use your flat brush or your duo-fibre brush. You can use your fingers too and as for me, I only use whatever comes out from the compact in one pushing of that colorless button. I add a small amount of my Nars Super Orgasm Illuminator for that glow then use my brush.

This product boasts of SPF30 and that it can adjust to your skin color. From what I’ve researched, CC creams are meant to brighten your face whereas BB creams can give you that “ashy” look sometimes. My recommendation is to use your face primer as usual to enjoy how it glides in your face. The finish is somewhat dewy so if you have oily skin, this may not suit you perfectly. I do have oily skin but I really like that kind of dewiness I get from this product. It is not oil that I see but natural shine.

The staying power is pretty decent too however I never used this without a primer so that may change if you don’t. It does brighten my face though I am slightly bothered that this does not match my neck perfectly upon application. However, it does adjust a little after a while. Hmmmm…. Okay still not the exact match.

Except for the price and the 20ml product that you get, I really have no complaints. I am keeping this one for sure.

Overall Verdict:

4.00 Lipsticks

Buy Again: Unless I find another great and reasonably priced CC cream, I'm keeping this.

What’s your story with CC creams? Did you ever like them?


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